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  • When I was accepted to Profology by Bob Eristischek I had no idea what I was doing or would I be compatible with other people. When I started teaching as an Adjunct Professor, my idea, was to bring some sense and reality into the classroom. Bob was a gentle force in helping me get acclimated to one of the great web sites in educational development for faculty of all types.

    I am not a sholar and I really only know, what I was interested in sociology, and Bob gave me the opportunity to voice my ideas and experiences for others to read and maybe try. I have no pre-conceived nottions about being a faculty member who fills in for the permanent staff. Bob gave me the opportunity to introduce some of my unorthodox teaching methods, that gave students a chance, to live sociology and apply it in the classroom.

    Teaching or developing skills in students on an undergraduate level is a very important challenge in academics today. Everyone wants to have a position in their respective departments of study. For me my issue related to what I could do to turn out a student that could think properly. In writing blogs on Bob Erstichek's web site, he gave me the opportunity, to be a free thinker within the bounds of good taste and some clarity.

    While some people in education worry about the big picture, I have tried to worry about the best job I could do for students, who needed to developep their lives after university. Now Bob has stepped down from teaching and I can understand his position. I consider Bob a fine individual with a sense of community and god bless him in the future. I will continue to contribute to Profology ideas to helping others with some good ideas I have used that I have wriiten about before. In closing, I want to thank Bob for the opportunity to write blogs for Profology.